Knights Contract see us play as Heinrich, a former hunter and Executioner of the Inquisition witches during medieval, after killing the witch innocent Gretchen, you saw cursed with immortality and forced to wander forever. One day, however, Heinrich meets a girl who turns out to be the reincarnation of Gretchen and learns that other witches killed by Heinrich have returned and are preparing to put an end to all humanity. She promises to free him from the curse of our hero if you will help to combat the new threat: the adventure begins.

The game is structured in a series of levels, twenty in all, we must walk often pausing to fight demonic enemies created from former classmates of Gretchen: Fighting draw with both hands from the Eastern tradition of action-game, allowing us to launch attacks lightweight, powerful, special and make different combos to increase the power. But the peculiarity of the

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gameplay lies in the relationship between Heinrich and Gretchen: the first is directly controlled by the player, is immortal and can not be killed, no matter how bad we play, while the second is a powerful sorceress but very vulnerable.

During the fighting one of our primary goals is therefore to keep the enemies away from Gretchen, who otherwise might die, forcing us to share your last save, however, the witch makes available a series of powerful magic attacks that can be used against our enemies and upgradable as you proceed with the adventure. Should it be wound and its vital energy you were closer to zero, we can take it in her arms: this allows it to slowly recover their strength, but prevents us from fighting.