Thedeveloper Epic Games and Microsoft announced today the DLC campaign"RAAM's Shadow" for the shooter Gears of War 3 at. Thedownload extension is according to official figures a season total ofthree hours and offer time to play before the first Gears of Warepisode.

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In the course of the DLC (DownloadableContent) she accompanied at first the "Zeta Squad," whichin the evacuation City of Ilima City rushes to help. Here you willmeet familiar characters including the Michael Barrick, Tai Young Kimand Kaliso. With Alicia Valera also a new character is introducedslips Later in the download extension you in the role of General RAAM- was known from the first episode of Gears of War. So you canexperience the action from his perspective as he leads the attack onthe city of man. The DLC "RAAM's Shadow," published on 13December 2011 and will cost 1200 Microsoft Points. Who Was in the"Season Pass" from Gears of 3 has purchased may downloadthe free download extension.