Just as we did for Gran Turismo 5 , we will not offer you any real critique of Forza Motorsport 4 Deheppe by Laurent, former editor of Fire Joypad, racing enthusiast and simulations. In short, a real pro of its kind - a fan of GT for the first time - as was everyone was disappointed with the game from Polyphony Digital, and now resolves to change creamery. Its test is final, Forza 4 is "the new reference" and he deserves the 19/20 assigned. He forgives even the absence of changing weather conditions, but not a camera track improvement. In short, if you want to read a very good test of the game, please.

In our case, of course we have been able to test the game, but not used enough of its kind to be able to deliver an expert opinion. Moreover, we have not played with a flying expensive buttocks stuck in a bucket seat, but the handle, as the man in the world. A crime for some (sorry Lawrence!), But a good way to approach this simulation as it will be played by the vast majority of Xbox 360 owners who will buy it. We also played our part in GT5 under the same conditions, with a

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DualShock 3 for one weapon, and can say unequivocally that, yes, eat Forza Gran Turismo 4 on all floors. After a short week of play, we can even find any quality game Polyphony Digital, despite the large patch unsheathed there is little to try to counter the game of Turn 10.

If Forza 4 is graphically finest, with 500 cars modeled with absolute attention to detail, sound effects and benefits from exceptional (that is even more obvious with headphones, you can really change gear motor noise) it is the quality of the artificial intelligence that has the greatest impact. It is not perfect, far from it, but so much better and more interesting than playing GT5 that, quite honestly, we finally taste the fighting resumed on circuit paths straight away too perfect. Add to this a damn good career mode, Complete hyper options to fully customize their driving experience and realism of a game engine that offers high-flying sensations, you're with the best car simulation hands.