The Callof Duty games are notorious, in fact, not for fine Charakterzeichung,Shakespearean acts or profound gameplay. Eric Folliot, senior brandmanager at Activision Publisher Sion and responsible for the Call ofDuty games, contradicts the well did not. In an interview he admitsthat accuse many players turn to be an overly generic corridorshooter. Call of Duty just throws you into the middle of a film byMichael Bay," so Folliot, "with explosions everywhere. Thisexperience is very popular with the people. They love it, "TheGames would deliver precisely what customers want:" epicproportions and fantastic storytelling " whatever he meansexactly mean.

To the much-quoted battle withBattlefield 3 Folliot then also has an opinion. The dice game wasundoubtedly very pretty, but deliver a completely differentexperience than Modern Warfare 3. When has not the studio InfinityWard, the gameplay thrown completely overboard which we do notassume, bites then the but from our experience the single playermode. How it here in the PC version to test GameStar can read aboutthe campaign Battefield 3 clearly oriented to Modern Warfare andBlack Ops.