The "Back to Karkand" DLC forthe first-person shooter Battlefield 3 includes, among others, fournew maps for the multiplayer mode, the veterans of the series alreadyfrom the previous Battlefield 2 know. The publisher Electronic Artsreleased this week, caused confusion, as he let on short messageservice Twitter to receive these cards your own map rotation for theservers. That would mean that the server owners between the "normal"and the »Back to Kark and would need to decide" maps, but thesemaps are not all supported simultaneously in a rotation. The saidtwitter post has since been removed. EA also confirmed to the Englishsite Joystiq that it was a mistake and gave the new cards are enteredinto the existing rotation. Whether it is a similar procedure infuture DLC, EA did not reveal yet.

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The developers at DICE, meanwhile, havea new post in the official Battlefield blog published. This leaddesigner Niklas Fegraeus talks about the design of the four cardsfrom the DLC. Accordingly, he wanted to create a feeling amongveterans of the series that is "cool new" card, and only alittle later on that they know these maps basically like their hand.These are the cards have changed not only technically but alsovisually. For example, there are on the map Wake Iceland now aconference center or on the Gulf of Oman map a range of luxury villasnear the beach. It would give the player according Fegraeus feel thathas changed in this world, something that remains loved by manyplayers basic structure of the card, however. Back to Karkand willappear in December and is for buyers of the Limited Edition ofBattlefield 3 for free.