Mini Ninjas begins as the classicstories: there was once a country village in which reigned among theinhabitants of serenity and joy of living. Of that country, however,weighed the threat of a terrible samurai believed long dead, who hadthe desire to become the undisputed ruler of the kingdom. And so,with an evil spell, a bad day samurai could transform the evil forestanimals in dangerous warriors, in order to help him in his evil plan.It is for us, playing the little ninja Hiro, averting this loomingthreat.

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The game is structured in levelsunlockable as you continue the adventure: every time you defeat allthe enemies in a specific area causing them to return to the lovelycreatures that were first , will unlock the next scenario. Along theway we visit woods, many small towns, snow-covered plains andinterior of buildings, all scenarios were designed to give the playerthe complete freedom of movement.

At first, the game puts us in the roleof Hiro, but continuing in the history we have the chance to play asfive other characters, alternating with each other. Each hasdifferent characteristics that we learn to use to our advantage, bothto defeat certain enemies or to overcome some obstacles in thelocations. The clumsy Futo is equipped with a large hammer useful forpushing buttons, or put it on his head to big bosses, the ninjaarcher will shoot arrows to hit enemies from a distance, and thelittle Kuji will be able to transfer his spirit in animals.