The game's main character, the heroinenamed Faith is a Runner, exceptional daring riders carrying illegalmaterial and deliver a dystopian government implementing a policy ofrepression against individual freedoms. This, in theory, should giveRunners Faith and a role of particular interest and experience inleading the game, but that will soon disappear in favor of adrenalinerush that we will get to take from the first level.

The story in fact, he sees Faith'ssister entangled in the murder of a leading candidate in theelections, was soon almost

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forgotten by the player, which will tendto passionate action in itself more than what should tow. Probablythe fact game will be in the eyes of many, far more valuable as thetitle hit and run that as an experience lasting: the adventure thatmakes up the main story is completed in about five hours of play at anormal level, bearing in mind that the difficult level you unlockonly finishing the game and is therefore not accessible on the firstlap. When the game starts you will be immediately educated on keyskills that you will have: a brief tutorial, present in the same demoon Live, will teach you everything you need, and since that time, runup walls and jump from one platform to 'the other will be your dailybread if you want to overcome all the obstacles you may encounter inyour travels.

The part relating to the fighting, thedisarmament of the guards and related shootings that may arise fromthe clashes, in our opinion, completely unnecessary even though theygive a tone to the Hollywood production. A menu of options ratherthin, however, will allow you to remove / put the viewfinder and on /off the perspective of the Runner, or the progressive tinged with redon the map of the elements that allow us to cross the crucial pointsof the route: you will not find, for example, every obstacle coloredred because those are saltabili or manipulation for your choice, andyou will find a colorful place to give you the momentum to get toanother area because it is the only way forward.