In the interview speaks to the Englishgame site VG247 Yosuke Hayashi, the head of Team Ninja, on the goalsthe team in the development of the Beat 'em Up Dead or Alive 5pursued. "There are very many fighting games, the gameplayquickly learn, and who also have an online mode. Really simplefighting games. You make yourself ready and go. We'll think: "Prettygood", but we want [with DOA 5] Fight new dimension We want todevelop a game that exploits the potential of this console generationcomplete ".

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Hayashi continued: "We wanted tomake a game that you can not import it to a handheld device thatreally works only on the consoles. When we were thinking we had inmind that the industry since Dead or Alive 4 has changed a lot. Justto follow that same principle [as in the predecessor], we would nothave passed. So we would not be "satisfied. Whether it providesthe developer with the fifth installment of the series, the beat 'emto revolutionize Up genre is seen. So far, still no release date forDead or Alive 5, October 2011 Tokyo Game Show was announced, known.