Halo Combat Evolved dertmines the way that we played 1 person shooters. It is hard to trust that it has been 10 years since the game 1 hit store shelves. The game launch a whole generation of gamers to competitive 1 person many player and helped improve the FPS genre almost overnight. Many nights were spent playing Halo CE via LAN with disputes start settled by head shots. But can Microsoft and 343 industry's re tooled version of the classic shooter still impress a full decade later

The story after Halo ombat Evolved should come as no surprise to noone who has played the real or played the series' more sequels, read the comics or known any of the expires universe message.

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The UNSC forces are prsue in a battle with an alien collected known as the Covenant. After the down of Reach, the UNSC Flag ship Pillar of Autumn escapes using Faster Than Light travel and end up at the alien artifact Halo. No one of this should be surprising to number veterans, but with ten years separating the real launch and Combat Evolved Anniversary, there is an entire generation of gamers who were too young to play the original when it hit in 2001

Halo Combat Evolved's cause is still as prsue as ever. Halo CE pure the way that 1 Person experts worked on consoles and single-handedly escaped up the entire genre. During the 8 to 10 hour cause on Heroic Master Chief will traverse the UNSC Pillar of Autumn, explore the jungles of the Halo Ring and investigate the underground facilities within the alien stuuggle. Each of these levels has its own unique look and feel, regardless whether or not you choose to use the new HD graphics or the drabber original.