The tropical island in the collectiveis a true paradise on earth, a perfect place for recreation,relaxation and fun in a beautiful landscape and natural environment.Of course, the overall picture seen from within, from the perspectiveof indigenous peoples and local politicians, may have very differentnuances, and can be anything but idyllic. El Presidiente knows thisvery well, creating jobs, building decent housing for the population,prepare a solid education and health systems and, of course,constitute an efficient defensive machine, necessary to defend itsborders or to put down any riots are only a small part of theproblems in the management of a small economy was so fragile. InTropico 4 we are the proponents of the fate of the island, shaping atwill through a management title that appears immediately rathercomplex and deep.

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The aspects that we have to manage toestablish a financially sound and politically stable state are verynumerous and range looking purely economic, with the construction offactories and the use of land to crops for the sustenance of thepremises or for the production of products intended for export, tothe social, which sees research dellla satisfaction of needs andexpectations of certain categories of citizens, only to end up withthe political, by which we can put ourselves in good or bad lightbefore the eyes of foreign powers as well course to effectivelymanage the legislative tropics.

At the beginning of the gameour island is basically deserted except for a cabin set upfortuitously by population, and will be essential to start buildingall the infrastructure necessary for the development of the smallstate. Communications are extremely important to allow the"Tropicana" to move the island and reach the desiredlocation, and then the arrangement of roads and the creation of thegarage where citizens can obtain a car is essential. Creating jobs isone of the most important priorities to deal with, since the creationof industries, farms and crops, in addition to meeting the basicneeds of our citizens, offering the opportunity to replenish ourcoffers through export local products such as tobacco, sugar, coffeeand exotic fruits.