Terrible times have come, as is CharlesXavier, better known as Professor X killed by a superhuman opponents.A large meeting is to unite mutants and humans and bring peace. Atthis meeting, take part in three people who could not be moredifferent. But when chaos erupts, tear streets and houses tocollapse, discovered the player, as one of the protagonists, thatlies dormant in him a mutant gene. Soon also take other known mutantsnote from you.

Just the idea of a separate mutants inthe X-Men world many fans makes the heart beat faster. How would youlike to fight on page Wolverines, teleporting as Nightcrawler andsweeping hordes of weak people with one wipe off the streets. Theconcept was true, but the implementation is not managed well. Thestory is quickly told, has some nice twists, but not

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sufficient toban the player. Even the choices that you fall in the game, whetherto perform force-range missions or for brotherhood, or X-Men have noeffect whatsoever on the story. They only bring new skills to light.Famous Characters pave your way, but then give her much.

Described in one word, the look isweak. The textures are washed out, the background pale and empty.Sections below the surface show flat ones and monotonous complexes.The animations are very stiff advised. It comes to edge flares,Clipping fehlern and delayed animations. Nice looks different. Gotthe game are pretty banners. These cover such large letters in frontof you and shatter when you close enough to them performing anattack. The cutscenes are kept in-game graphics, and thus not just adelight.

Explosions sound and behave a littleimpulsive. The speakers are unfortunately not from the movie-makingrepertoire, but a solid work in English. Music is, if not presentnoticeable and does not interfere with the process. Impressivemoments but it can not be captured.