After his father disappeared on acrusade, is followed by Denz de Bayle in the fourth. Here he hopes tofind his father and ask him to assist in the fight against his uncle.During an attack in southern France, he saves the life of the Spanishthief Esteban Noviembre, then it stands to the side. Together, theydeny the trip and very early they have to say that is a curse onthem, given them the advantages and disadvantages. Generally noobjections against the story. The characters in the game wereinspired by characters from the history of the Fourth Crusade.

Above all, the disappearance of Jean deBayle, father of the protagonist said, in the Third Crusade wasprobably the occasion for the plot. Pity that the treatment of thestory was designed uninteresting. Between sequences are, withoutexception, held in-game graphics that are just like the third-ratedialogue. It depends on neither depth nor voltage, which is why, evenin co-op tends to skip. That suddenly there is talk of a princess,has heard of it before anything is not very surprising. The story isa potentially interesting framework that was simply not used.

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Quickly realize: The Middle Ages weredark, gray and wrinkled. The sky in the background is still the mostbeautiful area. Rock, earth and walls are hung with dull surfacetextures, which can even act as swords and armor made of aluminumfoil. Approaching enemies often differ only in armament and armor.Interesting to see that already from when you activated the TemplarCurse and the environment into a burning hell version. Then walkaround instead of soldiers bluish-red skeletons. Unfortunately, theversion of hell reveals otherwise only a few incredible colors. Darkred and black predominates here. With a large enemy advent lose herown husband quickly out of sight, especially when the screen split insplit screen, it is in turmoil closely. The animations were the onehand, recorded by motion capture and act by some, the individualtransitions, however, are very edged and stiff. But what makes aplayer shake his head in anger, as in utter amazement, the excessivebugs, which has the game