Will there soon be a second trilogy ofGears of War? War and may we soon on a new trilogy of the shooterseries Gears of War look? A recent report of the Official XboxMagazine points out, at least. We read that the developer People CanFly allegedly currently working on such a project. The events of thisnew trilogy will be settled according to the report in time beforethe events of the first three episodes. However, to date there is noofficial response from the part of Epic Games and People Can Fly.

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Seems very unlikely such a project notto be. Already in September this year was Mike Caps, president ofEpic Games, announced in an interview that after the co-production ofthe shooter Bullet Storm will work again with People Can Fly. At thattime, said caps: "We have found that make People Can Fly isreally fun projects. And we learned how we can work well together.This is where we reflect what they will do next. "

Whether this is indeed a new Gears ofWar trilogy will show the next weeks and months.