Microsoft could take on its nextconsole again twofold. The rumors just do not tear off to Microsoft'snext-generation consoles. During two days ago was still speculationabout a possible release date, today alleged plans for two differentversions of the Xbox 720 are loud.

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Thus, if an actual digital foundryreport suggests that Microsoft wants to address with the launch ofits next generation of consoles widest possible audience. Thus, evengamers can afford on a tight budget, the next-generation hardware,the Redmond company plans accordingly a stripped down version of anentry level price. The hardware could be classified under thisset-top boxes or act as a gaming portal with Kinect connection.

Who wants to take more money in hand,could opt for the second Xbox 720-version. The model was rumored tohave a drive, a hard drive and backwards compatibility with Xbox 360games. According to speculation, Microsoft will also hold at its nextconsole Kinect camera and miss the new features. A bundle with thetwo console models is feasible.