In Iran there is a ban on theBattlefield 3 have The Publisher Electronic Arts and developerDigital Illusions with the first-person shooter Battlefield 3 made nofriends in Iran. Already in the past week it was announced thatIranian players from Electronic Arts and developer Digital Illusionshave demanded an official apology. In your opinion, were the scenesin the missions of Battlefield 3 does not represent the real Iran.For this reason, a petition was started to demand an apology. Also,Iranian media reported so far been relatively critical of theshooter.

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As now, the magazine The Daily Starreported, was in Iran now appears to be a sales ban imposed forBattlefield 3. The testimony of an Iranian police officer said it wasbanned in Iran every shop to sell the "illegal" game. Asthe report also shows there were apparently some dealers even raids,as the shooter Battlefield 3 has been sold there in secret. Somedealers would also be refused from the outset to take the shooter toits range