Shepard and his two companions. Kaidanand Liara against the British Official Xbox Magazine said MacWalters, chief author of Mass Effect 3 , details about variousattachment points of the third part to its predecessors. Let there bea mission in Mass Effect 3, which originally been for Mass Effect 2was planned. Walters in an interview: "There was a side story inMass Effect 2 is a kind of retrospective on Mass Effect 1 was. Youshould play at the Citadel - but ultimately we have left them out.Now they lived in Mass Effect 3 their resurrection, that makes mehappy. But I can not tell what it [a mission] is. That's the beautyof trilogies - sometimes you get a second chance."

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The branching story of Mass Effectseries, the developers also presented before some hand-made problems.Did the different ways to end Mass Effect 2, it is difficult in MassEffect 3 to tie it."I will not say we were trapped. There arejust more obstacles. Sometimes what we have set ourselves in the way,so we hit some hands together over your head and say: "What weare thinking why we did it" The classic example is: "Hey,let's do it at the end of Mass Effect 2 is a suicide mission,mission, where all your companions - and even Shepard - can die!"All right ... and then we make another game. What we do with all thepeople?