The Elder Scrolls 5:. Skyrim wasreleased on 11/11/2011. Many players of role-playing game The ElderScrolls 5: Skyrim report since patch 1.2 (PS3 players known as 2.01)in the official forum of serious flubs and loading problems. Thisallows players to attack, for example, no more dragon, either becausethey fly through the air upside down, or stay out of the reach of thehero. Even the tutorial had to be aborted because Alduin, the dragondoes not land on the castle. Also, the game constantly freezing inthe PC version in outdoor areas, sometimes even seconds long.

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On the PlayStation 3 is the updatecauses for crashes. Some forum users fear damage to their console andtherefore play with the idea to sue Bethesda. Many console playersalso report a poorer performance. Old problems like faulty textureswere not resolved with the patch.

Even in the PS3 version issues withdragons. Many users write, regardless of the platform, thatresistance will not affect the calculation of damages. So shallopponent suddenly cause 100% damage, although the heroes haveinsulation values. A detailed list of bugs you find on the officialforums of Bethesda Softworks in the PlayStation 3 section. Is astatement from the official side was previously unknown.