The Saints now have the full power ofStillwater, are no longer a gang in search of fame, but a brand, abrand itself, which literally dominates the city with a lot of energydrinks, an exclusive line of clothing, television programs andthousands the fans love, while continuing their criminal careerscheerfully. Obviously it is not all roses, indeed: the last shot ofJohnny Gat and brings them to rob members - dressed as Johnny Gat infact - only apparently normal but a bank owned by another crimegroup, the fearsome Syndicate. The fireworks robbery ends badly andwe come face to face with Philippe Lauren, Boss of the Syndicate.

This adorable Belgian gives us a wayout of this small problem: let them control 66% of our "company"in exchange for freedom. Needless to add, as unwilling to leavecontrol of the Saints is our alter-ego, and from here begins a newepoch in

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the city of Steelport the fief of the Syndicate and itsbands. This is the story of Saints Row: The Third drops us into a newcontext, a new city with new bands and new enemy ready to do anythingto destroy us and that, despite some twists and forks, it iscertainly the backbone of this game but only a discreet accompanimentto the heart of this real 'adventure: the multitude of things to do,possibly in bad taste.

And here comes the concept ofexaggeration I mentioned in the introduction to the article: beatingpassers-by? Seen it, too obvious. Why then punches limited to, whenour character can showcase their talents wrestlers taken by flying orterrible clothsline as unsuspecting citizens? Or simply becausenormal firefights when you can bring in dozens of enemies that absurdaccompanied by an arsenal of automatic rifles, grenade launchers,Gatling almost indestructible and great big men?

So that's the gist of Saints Row: TheThird: to bring to the limit every single action that a free-roamingcity like this can bring. Everything is exaggerated, foul-mouthed,sexually explicit pace of the deceased good taste and this can beperceived from every aspect, such as activities in which we candevote. In addition to the classic and hilarious insurance fraud, theevergreen pimp mode where we accompany our girls to work, tovandalism, where we simply do as much damage as quickly as possibleand the classic drug dealing, this time Volition has decided to addnew activities secondary truly absurd; at the top of this ranking israther special indeed how I put the Escort Tigre.