Since the boys are looking forward:South Park:. The game is a bit of luck with no license cucumber lastFriday announced that THQ and Obsidian RPGSouth Park: The gameofficially. The current issue of American gaming magazine GameInformer has put together an extensive preview article many detailsabout the game to the series. Some subscribers have received theirissue already and the new information in the English forum NeoGAF

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Summarized Accordingly, it is in SouthPark: The game is the first South Park video game, developed with theinventor of Trey Parker and Matt Stone are actively involved. Bothdescribe themselves as a big video game fans who have a clear visionfor the software have its successful spin-off animated series. Forexample, Parker decided that the protagonist of the game will remainsilent, because he preferred silent heroes in the RPG genre forever.

Make sure we speak for the followinglines from a spoiler warning, because they contain information aboutthe history and some features of the game. The player can at thebeginning of South Park: The Game's character create own full-timepest Cartman "helps" for character creation and the firststeps in the game. There, the player must also choose one of fiveclasses: Wizard, Warrior, Adventurer, Rogue and even a secret class.As in a South Park episode, the story of the game begins with theprotagonist wants to participate in a live-action role-playing event,organized by the children of the neighborhood and developed graduallyinto a real" adventure.