In the first official image, Alan Wakeis in a small Wüstenkaff. In an interview with Lawrence "MajorNelson" Hryb, the chief programmer of Xbox Live, said moderatorand games journalist Geoff Keighley on the Action gameAlan Wake'sNight Springs.

This should Keighley According be asextensive as full-price games from retail. "I have both the gameand the trailer, which we will show on the Spike TV Video Game Awardsseen, and even if [Night Springs] is a downloadable game is, it is"not a little

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game. It is the opinion of Geoff Keighley even soextensive that you could sell it under the name "Alan Wake 2"as full-price game in retail.

Also holds Keighley attempt the nextAlan Wake title only as a digital download for Xbox 360 to offer avery "ambitious project" the developer Remedy, "If onelooks at it carefully and take what she has in mind for the game inthe second principle Alan Wake With the ambitious, beautifultechnology, players will be very satisfied. " That is the nextpart of the Alan Wake series. Night Springs only on the Xbox Liveonline platform will be available, is already known for over a month