Darksiders into two, the player "inthe role of" death. Danny Bilson, Head of the Core Department ofTHQ, speaks in an interview with the English games website AusGamersabout the upcoming action role-playing game Darksiders 2 . The aim isplayer "at least 18 hours' need to play through the actionsequel. A complete game through the first part took about 13 hours.

Only on the highest difficulty'Apocalyptic' players needed on average 18 hours. Bilson also saidthe release date, that one

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could expect in the earliest half a yearwith the game from developer Vigil Games."We are" in thenext six to eight months until the game will introduce many newfeatures.

What kind of new content this is it isnot yet known. One feature that the second part of the series willnot include is a cooperative multiplayer mode. This should appearearliest in the third installment of the series. After the story "to"war already in Darksiders and we were treated in the second part as"death" play, so you could possibly share in the third partas "Fury" and "Strife" protect the seven seals