Afforded the growth in mobile andtablet gaming above the last year, it is no wonder that gaming'sroyalty has got together the party also. Big brands such as Fifa andAssassin's Creed are already represented on the iPad, and today LaraCroft has got together them.

Guardian of Light in the beginninglooked with the Xbox 360 and PS3, and this iPad conversion does asolid job of replicating those – at least initially. It assiststhat the game is less graphically ambitious as compared to the recentTomb Raider games. From an isometric viewpoint, the iPad graphics doa great job of describing the atmospheric locales of the game –also if, understandably, they fall short of the more powerful homeconsole editions.

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The plot is typical sub-Indiana Jonesnonsense – something about demons, mirrors and treasure – but itdoes adjust up a vital game play element: co-op play. Dislike thetraditional solitary Tomb Raider games, Guardian of Light isconstructed for 2 players and co-op is key. The puzzles generallyrequire 2 players to solve – while, in a great touch, they alterif you are playing alone – and there are some properly headscratchers after in the game.

Equipment is cleverly applied like pretty. Lara can apply her grappling hook though her colleague,Totec, applies his spear. With the consoles the 2-player action waythe game, but connectivity can be an issue with the iPad. Crashingcan be a trouble, but when the game works, playing with 2 player isdefinitely the mode to go.

The controls use the increasinglycommon twin controller approach. Though this produces sense with anXbox 360 pad, it is far less responsive with an iPad. The controlsnormally deficiency the accuracy you require, particularly after inthe game when the foes get thick and fast. The jump and evade buttonsare often tricky to reach in fast positions and the complete thinglooks more cumbersome as compared to it should. There are otherissues, also. Grappling – a key slope of the game – is unneededfiddly, while even the basic shooting can be erratic.

This is a shame like the core of thegame is pretty deserving playing. The puzzles do pretty though thecombat is really far more fulfilling as compared to the standard TombRaider games. Scoring becomes habit-forming thanks to the greatlysized levels, and like a reinvention of the classic Tomb Raidergames, Guardian of Light is a success.

Well, on the Xbox 360 and PS3 anyway.The cumbersome controls create the iPad edition less necessity andafforded the standard of the game with other formats this can onlyfeel as a missed chance.