You can tell the NBA is in trouble whenyou require the best players of the 70s, 80s, and 90s to grace yourcover. Severely, basketball is just not what it used to be.Fortunately, 2K Sports' NBA 2Kseries proceeds to be what it used tobe. Even better, they appear to improve it each year.

The first thing you are going to remarkin NBA 2K12 is the the presentation. I must tell, this is the mostflawless presentation in a sports game I have always watched. Itcatches the NBA look exactly. Other sports games should bring it apen and paper and jot down few notes on how to plus a small passionto their game. As soon as you hear “We are playing basketball,”from Space Jam in the opening video, you are going to be as, “Ohheck yea!”.

Like a matter of fact, the game bleedsJordan. He is with the cover, you can wear his shoes, and in MyPlayer he sends you letters about how the Jordan brand is holding aneye with you. Perhaps if Lebron went and played baseball for a yearthen he could eventually acquire few attention.

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Keeping, earlier each game there is asmall collage of the two teams, their players, and few coolhighlights adjust to one of the game's songs. It feels only assomething that would play with ABC or TNT before a real basketballgame. Even player introductions are handled with care. It justappears like 2K has a robust library of dialogue that will always bein the middle of the action.

The sounds of the NBA are as well withcomplete screen here; each sound you link on basketball is doneflawlessly. It is thus realistic that Knicks lovers chant for a ChrisPaul trade each two minutes. I kid, I kid. Severely while, Mike, whoexperiences extreme small about sports, said, “I hear the squeak oftheir sneakers! That's so authentic!”

Game play is just like 2K Sports candeliver it. You can control everything of your shots on the rightstick, but I detected myself going rear to buttons to deliver mysweet jump shots. It is nearly as you can do so much with the shotstick, if that creates any sense. I however detect it a small toughto pull off a crossover or drive past an opponent to the paint, butthat is may be more of my lack of skill and improved defense ascompared to it is the controls.