The historical references I have already left the hat, but do a little 'clarity for those who had approached only now Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc HD and in general the world of Rayman. The adventure begins with the appearance of a villain Lum Lum blacks began to turn in all the other little creatures that populate the Glade of Dreams, this evil army of insects stealing the fur of animals to produce a kind of magical costume and transform into Hoodlum . Their plan is to use all the energy of the heart to destroy the world: during the excitement of the first battle, the leader of the evil Lum André is accidentally swallowed by Globox (friend of Rayman and plump blue) and will therefore be Rayman task of finding a doctor capable of separating from evil.

Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc HD is a pure and simple re-master the original game in HD, without any variation: the only additions are represented by the online rankings, based on the total score at the end of each level, and a series of objects,

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sketches and movies (most of Rayman Origins), unlockables along the adventure. As for the gameplay, we are faced with a third-person platform game with 3D view from behind the shoulders of the protagonist, with all the hallmarks of the genre.

Rayman can count on a series of objects that enhance certain characteristics temporarily and which are often crucial to reach otherwise inaccessible areas of the game, the game is also littered with cages containing creatures called "Teens" which, once released, will increase the Rayman's maximum health. Like the original, there is no multiplayer segment except small section of the rankings. Collecting gems and increasing the score at the passing level, Rayman will unlock a few bonus levels and mini-games that allow you to vary a bit 'and increase the already high replay value and longevity.