How much do you enjoy South Park? Yousurely do not require to be a super-fan of Comedy Centralísprofanely hilarious animated series to enjoy this XBLA co-opplatformer, but it assists... a much more. Drawing on 15 years ofback story focusing mostly with Cartmanís ongoing conflict on hisscourge and half-brother, Scott Tenorman, Tenormanís Revenge is aromp for up to four players through backdrops invigorated by theshowís most popular episodes, literally bringing you to Hell andrear. It is one of those games instilled on so much fan service thatyour enjoy for it will be proportionate to your enjoy for the seriesitself.

Tenormanís revenge is fairly mildcompared to tricking a guy into eating his own parents. When hesteals the hard drive from Cartmanís Xbox 360, depriving Cartman,Stan, Kenny, and Kyle of their save-games, the foursome must fightTenormanís army of robotic redheads and chase the evil mastermindvia time, beginning on the far-off future of 2546 first watched inthe episode ďGo God Go.Ē

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If you require then you can play thegame solo, merely it is ruggeder and not like much fun: it is clearlyplanned for four-player co-op, on each player controlling a differentcharacter. Every of the boys has an unequaled ability and can fromtime to time change into his costumed superhero counterpart to accessparticular areas. Most practicable is Kennyís Mysterio alter-ego:once you send him to his death, he can walk via deathtraps in ghostform.

Completing each of the gameís 22levels is merely part of the challenge, while. Chronal-energy pickupsdot the landscape, Giving incentive to replay levels thus you canboost your score and enhance your standing in online leader boards.

Did on the input as well as voicetalent of South Park individuals Trey Parker and MattStone,Tenormanís Revenge is a relishing homage to classic 2Dplatform games. The story is a blast forSouth Park fans, the jumpingand climbing action is challenging but not so hard, and the price issurely right. And actually, who would not require to hop acrosslevels set on a traveling train made of poo and a water park turnedyellow from toxic pee?