The Witcher ii is not a common video game, and it is not a normal fantasy. It subverts the former high-fantasy stereotypes still as it uses them. The elves that you will meet in Temeria are not charming, ethereal forest-dwellers, they are guerrilla insurgents raining death on humans from the trees. The dwarves, generally cheerful, hard-functioning sorts, live in a city of worn rock that functions off the fumes of their former diligence when its recent inhabitants drink, joke and fornicate. The several kingdoms are in the on the precipice of war, led through despotic kings who play their individual vendettas out on the battlefields at the cost of their armies' lives.

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And who are you, between entire this? You are Geralt of Rivia, a stoic and distinctly un-heroic monster hunter with a some memory troubles and a faintly inexplicable path with the ladies. Though sworn to equity on matters of the state, he is drawn into this complex political maelstrom through a serials of regicides that brand him a criminal and pull him back into his own, forgotten last. The Witcher 2 is a game for grownups, and not only because of entire the sex and violence. It looks you to be intelligent and concerned, to care about the political machinations, racial tensions and complex history of its world. Lot of games shield you from their lore, afraid that it may scare you off. The Witcher ii drops you perfect in the thick of it, and looks you to deal with it.

Since its freed on Computer in May previous year, the Witcher ii has been drawing envious glances from console owners. The heightened Version for Xbox 360 adds around 4 hours of latest gameplay and an interface replanned for consoles, with all else intact. Impressively, compact disk Projekt RED has handled to slot the entire experience over to 6-year-former Xbox 360 hardware with just a minimum of technical compromises. If you have acquired process to a high-end Computer.