It is difficult not to equate Tornado Outbreak to Katamari Damacy. In both games, you assume control of a destructive entity to become larger and more strong as you wreck more and more objectives. The dissimilarity here is that instead than roll around as a sticky ball, you wreak havoc as a developing tornado, flinging entire sorts of objects into the air rather of collecting them. Similar to the Katamari games, this one can supply few good-natured fun, but it experienced altogether too mild to hook you. A firmer visual style and a zestier content would have furnished few much-required personality, but as it stands, Tornado Outbreak is not much more than simply nice.

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The premise is easy: As Zephyr, the wind warrior, you maneuver a cyclone around several steps, ruining vegetation, Ferris tyres, tanks, and double-decker buses along the way. You begins out as a teensy twister, flinging around rocks and grass, but the more you smash, the powerful you become. Finally, you graduate from barrels and fences to billboards and skyscrapers. You will make the power to hop onto bigger objects to assist break them up more rapidly, as well as dash, which arrives in handy when you are testing to avoid sunlight. You look, to wind warriors, the sun's rays are very dangerous and steps fence you in with glowing walls of destructive light.

You are not disrupting the homes and lives of countless virtual citizens easily for the sake of wanton end (not that there is anything faulty with that). Your chief goal is to situate and collect as many flaming critters familiar as fire flyers in every level as you can.