Bethesda has confirmed in a press release, the existence of a survival-horror called "Two". The game is developed by Tango Gameworks, headed by Shinji Mikami, who had been in games we Resident Evil and Devil May Cry with his finger in the game.

As Shinji Mikami, promises to play with the German name "Two" is a survival horror experience "at its best" offer, which he wants to raise the limits of fear and excitement to a new level. He wants to create together with his team "Tango Gameworks," which could

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collect at Capcom including previous experience with successful titles like Devil May Cry and the Surival horror archetype Resident Evil.

Shinji Mikami to his ideas of Two: "In a true survival horror game, the player is confronted with fears that he overcomes I have a clear idea and would like to create one more time pure survival horror I have been working very actively in the development.. this game, so that we achieve this goal. And we will. "

To give a first impression of the game is already a first-collage artwork was published, a first look and feel to convey the game.