Sometimes the evolution is simply a jump. Whether on the Galapagos Islands, or in the development of computer games. The shooter MMO Defiance sets in two respects one out. It makes the earth a huge evolutionary leap because in the near future aliens Ark. including of introduced flora and fauna of the entire ecological and social system of our planet unceremoniously upside. But is it the intention of the developers from Trion Worlds and Defiance will also mean the next leap forward for gaming and entertainment business. The pay television channel Syfy resulting eponymous television series and in parallel to the jointly developed shooter MMO from April 2013 to enter into a mutually influencing interaction. But first, the interaction goes in only one direction: from the train to the game.

The first season of the series is already completely written and produced, will influence the players do not have their expiration so. Instead the events of the World Series make noticeable in the game world to the San Francisco Bay. Such a figure is leaving the series after a few episodes in St. Louis to make the game in San Francisco stop. There the player experience with her then quests and story developments. Drawn from these events and changed the character eventually returns to the world of television.

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Defiance linked apocalyptic open world shooter Borderlands or Rage of the brand with the game mechanics of an online role playing game. We do so for NPC's main and side missions find along the way dynamic quests Survive the ambush or Free the hostages set high scores on at Quad races and grouse deposits and fight with Boss events with other players in the world like in Guild Wars 2 huge monsters. Genre typical, we collect this experience level rises and equipment especially new weapons.

The influence of players in the development of the TV series takes during the break for the next season. For then shall the community can earn certain events and dossiers. Much of it remains as yet very vague especially since at the moment it is still unclear whether there is a second season will be produced Or whether the game can meet its financial expectations. Defiance is the way appear as a hybrid model of boxed version to buy with in game shop so just like Guild Wars 2 To the series so far we can say very little but thanks for playing all day face off session offers a lot. Defiance does not do everything right but still fun.

Playful contrast many things runs very smoothly. There is always plenty to do and the accelerator of our quads with which we heat through the landscape, and the withdrawal of our weapons are hardly to rest. For the first time we were allowed to try out the multiplayer modes. First we plunged into the open world PvP also known as Shadow War. This will take place at any time in the actual game world. Without switching to an instance must we can easily join a team by menu. Instead our solo quest objectives we now get a Domination like game mode flag targets reported to conquer. We will also be given for the other team to shoot freely. Solo players are in the same world protected from this.

And who better to than want to play against your friends there for it was a separate co-op missions with group instances and raids from online RPGs are to be compared. We are fighting, for example the four of us by a hostile polluted mine in which we activate under time pressure certain consoles or must survive waves of enemies. In the end then wait the mandatory multistage boss battle along with hordes of trash pulls. The co-op missions we agree with as easily as a team death match.

Altogether there are more than enough to do for players, but have not yet repeated too many missions and the story we did not hear anything yet. Defiance seems for the genre of online shooter that is more likely to be a small step development but if the concept of the series amalgamation should rise for years to come this is actually an evolution.