Who has played at least once in anyepisode of the series NBA Street is well aware that we are not facingthe usual realistic basketball simulation in all and for all, butrather a title that puts emphasis on the spectacular and instant fun.The game is set in the most famous playground of the States, wherestars like Carmelo Anthony and LeBron James have cut their teethbefore they became some of the most dominant players of the NBA. Inthe field there are patterns, formations or faults, and the onlypurpose is to bring home the 21 points needed to win the game and,possibly, make it as spectacular as possible.

The players on the field (3 for eachteam) challenge each other to spectacular tricks shots, monstrousdunks and assists unpredictable, with players routinely jump severalfeet above the basket and they perform movements beyond humanpossibilities. The goal during the game is to put together longcombos of tricks, assists and crushed so as to fill the Gamebraker,or a bar that, once full, allows you to create even more phenomenaland actions that, if done in the best way possible to removeopponents and gain points to several more.

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Instead, pressing up, our player willbe launched toward the basket, ready to pick up one of our assists tofinish an alley-oop. Combining these with our imagination, we canconclude that the combo alone will be able to fill most of the barGamebreaker. And the highlight of this game is that you canimmediately do what you want without spending hours and hourslearning the commands as in other games. In fact, several differenttricks and dunks are performed by pressing X or Y and the combinationof shoulder buttons (for false) and B plus shoulder buttons (fordunks), the control system, therefore, is extremely intuitive andeasy to store.