Adhere to situation of the whole action mange effective in Fists of the Northern Star: Ken's rage 2. The dangerous power of the methods of Hokuto Shinken as well as Nanto Seiken fulfill the extreme activity of the Fighters sequence to generate a fantastic experience for fans of both sequence. Moreover to the trademark goes of the first headline, new activities such as sprint as well as dodge have been included to the move places.

A new Tale method provides a re-imagined edition of the Raoh story and also includes the Heavenly Emperor and Area of Shura stories. This trustworthy variation guarantees that this method can be experienced by both lovers of the mange and beginners to Kenshiro's post-apocalyptic globe. Different figures will be managed for each show while boss activities will function whole popular moments from the mange, regenerated in complex details.

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A second method known as Desire Mode presents newly written, unique story lines to the Fists of the Northern Celebrity galaxy while linking the holes between areas of the main tale, often concentrating on some of the series minimal figures. And for those desperate to fight with buddies, Co-Op and Compared to ways places players together online in the wilderness.

By enjoying as different figures throughout real periods of the unique manga tale, you will be completely engrossed in the Fists of the Northern Celebrity globe. The Raoh tale arc has been completely re imagined, while the Heavenly Emperor as well as Area of Shura tale arcs have been included as well. Whether you are acquainted with the resource content or not, the tale is more complete and more pleasant than ever before.